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The Door Never Closes

Almeida Theatre (2010)
Directed by Polly Findlay

Cast: Alexandra Roach, Adam Gillen, Morgan Watkins

“Are you willing to suffer the consequences when you use the phone? Everything leads to everything else and you might not like the everything else.” 
Marley’s not been answering his phone. So Ayley decides to let herself into his flat. She’s got something important to tell him. But Marley has got other plans. He wants to make a new life for himself, away from crime and the estate, fighting for his country.
Yet Marley’s left his phone in the flat, and it keeps ringing. Who is Collins and what does he want? Ayley answers the phone. As a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and causes a tsunami in Korea, every phone call has a consequence. One hour later, Marley’s out cold, and Collins and Ayley come face to face. Now he wants something from both of them.
Almeida Projects present another new play commissioned for a young audience, in response to the Almeida Theatre's production of Ruined by Lynn Nottage.
The Door Never Closes follows two young people at crucial points of change in their lives, navigating their path through a world in which technology determines their personal relationships. The play gives students a creative opportunity to engage with the issues of choice and personal responsibility across the curriculum, particularly within drama, English and citizenship.

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